2023 football highlights: Arsenal look forward to revival and win the championship, Ronaldo welcomes new challenges in West Asia

The old year is gone, the new year’s bell is ringing, looking forward, looking forward, people finally
Waiting for the brand new 2023.
In the past year, Real Madrid changed their fate against the sky in the Champions League, AC Milan regained the Serie A championship, Messi led Argentina to be crowned in Qatar, and the world champion Pele went to heaven… The wheel of time is rolling forward, and the year 2023 has arrived.
Which green plots are worth looking forward to?
01 Holding a 7-point advantage, can Arsenal revive and win the championship?
Which is the most amazing team in the 2022/23 season?
Arsenal fans have something to say.
The Gunners, who have led the standings since the start of the Premier League, not only did not lose the chain as quickly as the taunters questioned, but also became the Christmas champion in one fell swoop.
Since the 2013/14 season, all Christmas champions except Liverpool have won the Premier League, which is enough to give Arsenal a strong psychological advantage. In the three seasons where the Red Army failed three times, Manchester City finally won the championship.
With Manchester City’s 1-1 draw with Everton in the first game of the new year, Arsenal’s lead has reached 7 points. Under Arteta, Saka, Martinelli, Nketiah and Odegaard are blowing
The Youth Storm has the aura of paying tribute to the gorgeous gunner at the time, but it is undeniable that Manchester City has always been good at making efforts in the back end. Guardiola’s Super Blue Moon in the 2018/19 season once came back to Liverpool after falling behind by 9 points.
If there is no accident, the Premier League champion will be produced between Arsenal and Manchester City. Among the "Taoyuan Three Brothers", AC Milan has taken the lead in breaking the championship drought in Serie A. Can the "third brother" Arsenal win the Premier League title after 18 years?
02 Naples ends the 32-year wait for the Serie A title?
Apart from Arsenal, Naples is another impressive team this season. Spalletti’s Sky Blues not only qualified first in the Champions League, but also "fault-lead" in the league with an 8-point advantage.
The victory over Liverpool and Ajax in the Champions League is a classic for Naples. Osimhen, Kravatsheria, Simeone, Raspadori, Lozano, Zelinski and others
The formed attack group makes the opponent hard to guard against.
Although the relatively weak Frankfurt was drawn in the 1/8 finals, it is still difficult for Naples to become the favorite to win the Champions League. In comparison, striving for the Serie A championship is the most realistic goal.
So far, the past of Spalletti’s "collapse in winter" has not been repeated. The imposing Sky Blue Legion is looking forward to coming to the Apennines again after 32 years after the Maradona era.
(Naples is the team with the highest scoring efficiency in Serie A in 2022) 03 Real Madrid will compete in La Liga, who will win?
Unlike the situation where Real Madrid dominated last season, as Barcelona strengthened the arms race under the leverage of leverage, the La Liga championship battle returned to the rhythm of Real Madrid’s competition.
Real Madrid defeated Barcelona 3-1 in the first round of the national derby with excellent efficiency, but the two teams still have 38 points after 15 rounds, and they are neck and neck in the standings.
Barcelona’s excellent defense is the key to the improvement of the team’s league performance. I don’t know if this season’s La Liga will be Real Madrid’s successful defense again after 15 years, or Barcelona will return to the throne after 4 years.
04 Competing in the Champions League, the giants maintain the traditional order, or is the new king crowned?
Starting from February, the Champions League will enter the rhythm of the knockout round. The theme of this season is similar to that of previous seasons. It is still a contest between traditional giants and rising upstarts.
As representatives of local tyrants, Paris and Manchester City have always yearned for the Big Ears Cup. The two teams fell to the finals in 2020 and 2021 respectively, and those who maintain the traditional order are nothing more than Real Madrid, Bayern, and Chelsea.
In the 1/8 final draw, Manchester City encountered the weaker Leipzig. If Guardiola did not make a living on the spot, the Super Blue Moon would not have a big problem in advancing; Paris encountered the bitter master Bayern three years ago.
Revenge of the tragedy in Barcelona; the defending champion Real Madrid draws the old enemy Liverpool, and it is regrettable whoever is out…In the real-time Champions League winning odds, Manchester City leads Bayern, Paris, Liverpool and
Real Madrid followed closely behind. Will the Big Ears Cup wait for a new owner this time?
05 Who can win the most luxurious Europa League in history?
The Champions League knockout rounds have always been eye-catching, and the Europa League, which was once regarded as tasteless, is also full of highlights this season.
With Barcelona, Juventus, and Sevilla airborne from the Champions League, plus Manchester United, Arsenal, and Roma, who have already broken through the group, the Europa League in 2023 will usher in the most luxurious lineup since the 21st century.
Needless to say, Sevilla’s Europa League buffs, Barcelona, Juventus, Manchester United, and Arsenal are all traditional giants. If the big powers take it seriously, whoever wants to win the championship will have to shed a layer of skin.
06 The League of Losers hit the UEFA Europa League?
2023 is a small year for the national team competition, and the UEFA Europa League has become one of the few highlights.
Italy, Spain, Croatia and the Netherlands will gather in the top four and will compete for the third championship in the history of the UEFA Europa League.
In the just-concluded World Cup, Croatia showed enough resilience. Modric will continue to protect the Plaid Army and realize the handover between the two generations; the Netherlands has also won the respect of the world, and the legacy left by Van Gaal is enough for the Oranje to look forward to the championship
However, in terms of strength on paper, Spain and Italy, the two "frustrated players" in the World Cup, are the teams that are more optimistic about winning the championship.
Italy is the champion of the European Cup and missed the World Cup twice in a row, but