A media person analyzed that Guoan did not renew the contract with the naturalized players: Injury is an important reason, it is a pity

January 4 Today’s media person Yang Tianying posted an article, talking about Guoan’s failure to renew the contract with two naturalized players
s reason.

Yang Tianying first talked about the injuries of the two naturalized players, Hou Yongyong and Li Ke. He said: Hou Yongyong’s injury problems have been serious in recent years. Otherwise, given his age and technical ability, he would not miss the opportunity to play.
When he was in Norway, he encountered serious injury problems.
The training situation was good before this year, but after arriving in Rizhao for the first time, I was injured again during training, and I have been unable to have a stable chance to play.

Li Ke’s injury problem is more complicated. It is said that the team has sought medical consultation for him in major hospitals in Beijing last season, but only after returning to the UK can he find the corresponding treatment. After returning to the team this season, it is still
In the absence of a game, the injury problem has resurfaced, and so far, there has been no clear information on the recovery from the injury.

Li Ke’s ability can definitely play the main force in the Guoan midfielder in the future. From the perspective of age, he is also the most suitable candidate, but this injury needs to be healed at least in Beijing or at least in China, otherwise it will be similar to these two
The situation of the season is indeed too costly and consuming.

In the end, Yang Tianying said: Hou Yongyong and Li Ke were among the few players of Chinese descent in the previous wave of naturalization.