Abdul Rousuli U23 Asian Cup’s primary goal group qualifying, the FA Cup strives for the best result

January 4 After the end of the 2022 Chinese Super League season, Shandong Taishan teenager Abdul Rousuli
Accepted an interview with Shandong team magazine.

To sum up my season performance——

If I rate my own performance, I would give it a 7. There are still many areas for improvement, and I will also train and improve in my usual training.

Talk about areas for improvement——

Now I mainly play on the right side, right winger. Director Hao also analyzed my performance. I hope that I will be more aggressive on the right side and move forward more, because I have also played before.
I haven’t played this position before, and I played more in the middle at that time, so the different ways of playing in different positions also need to be converted.

Talking about scoring the first league goal in the match against Wuhan Changjiang——

This game is also my first professional league start. I am very happy to score in this game. I am a player produced by Luneng Youth Training, and I am very happy to score for the Taishan team.
Of course, my dream now is to score goals in a big stadium, to experience the feeling of playing with fans and the feeling of scoring goals.

Talking about going overseas with the National Youth League——

I feel that I played very well in Croatia. In fact, my playing time is not high among my teammates, but I still scored 5 goals. I am the player with the most goals in the team. This may also be related to my position.

Talking about the help of overseas training for the league——

I have played in Croatia for three months. The team there has a tough style of play, and my personal ability is also very good. It is still very important for my improvement. It is of great help and brings more confidence. I feel that when I come back
There is still a significant improvement.

Talking about U23 Asian Cup goals——

The U23 Asian Cup is also a difficult task. Our primary goal is to get out of the group first, and then play one after another. In this year’s World Cup, the Asian teams performed well, but we will definitely go all out and work hard
, strive to leave no regrets.

Talking about the FA Cup——

Everyone is ready. The FA Cup is a knockout match, and every game is a final. We will fight one by one to strive for the best results.