Abraham: the state returned to about 80%, and the body had an obvious reaction after 80 minutes of fighting with Mount Tai.

December 26-according to Zhao Haochen, a harbor press officer, Harbour U23 youngster Abraham talked about his physical condition in an interview.
— talk about your current physical condition
Abraham: at the beginning of this season, I hurt my heel and I was recuperating for a long time after the operation. Because I haven’t played a formal game for too long, I still feel that there is a bottleneck in my physical ability. These recent games, especially the match with Shandong, are really consuming a lot. After 80 minutes, the body reacts obviously. If you compare your physical condition with a full score of 100, you have only just recovered and adjusted to about 80%.
The season is coming to an end, as long as the coaching staff trusts me and sends me to play U23, I will repay this trust with my unremitting running and performance on the pitch.
This season, Abraham has played four games for the seaport, including three starts.
(Xiao Hu)