AC Milan’s 2022: Serie A won the Champions League, the road to revival is like a dream

How to describe AC Milan’s 2022?
At the league level, the Rossoneri won the Serie A championship in the 2021/22 season when they were not optimistic.
The established goal; although the transfer market did not bring much surprise to the fans, the club that has been sinking for many years has finally become financially balanced.
This year, Milan has experienced a change of club, and the road to re-emergence is still solid and stable.
Although the collapsed royal power cannot be rebuilt in a day, the Rossoneri, united, active and with clear goals, still brought fans a year like a dream.
This is not the most powerful Milan in history, but under the environment of the new era, it gives people hope of revival.
For the giants who have gone through the darkest moment, this is already a precious thing.
[Never give up, never give up, regain Serie A after 11 years] Winning the Serie A championship under unfavorable circumstances is undoubtedly the biggest surprise that Milan will create in 2022. You must know that before the arrival of the Milan Derby in the 24th round of last season
, The Rossoneri are 4 points behind their rivals in the same city in one more game. It seems that the Serie A championship is already in the bag of Inter Milan.
In fact, in the Milan derby in February, Milan was passive for a long time. Perisic took the lead in scoring for Inter Milan. If Maignan hadn’t played bravely, Pioli’s team would have been defeated.
But in the desperate situation, Milan did not give up. Giroud scored two goals within 3 minutes to reverse the score, and the roar of the red and black No. 9 also blew the horn of Milan’s counterattack.
Throughout the second half of the 2021/22 season, Milan has always clenched its breath. It is the determination to compete for the championship and the courage to persevere to the end.
At the moment when they were killed by Spezia because of a misjudgment, at the moment when they tied Salernitana and Udinese, and at the moment when they shook hands with Bologna and Turin, the Red and Black Youth Army was never discouraged.
So when Inter Milan made a mistake in Bologna, Milan never gave their rivals in the same city a chance, and ended the season with six consecutive victories.
Milan’s Serie A championship was the result of God’s help for those who helped themselves, and it was also a matter of course after a long period of time.
After more than two years of experience, Pioli’s 4231 formation has become more and more perfect. The left corridor of Special Olympics and Leo is the main blasting point of the team, and the striker is around Giroud as the fulcrum to achieve three-dimensional strikes.
There are hidden dangers in the attack on the right. The midfield formed by Tonali, Casey, and Bennacer and the defense line of Tomori, Kalulu, and Maignan still allow Milan to have the top level of Serie A.
Looking back at Milan’s road to winning the championship, Pioli’s character unites the team. Veterans such as Ibrahimovic and Giroud give the young team the backbone, while young players such as Special Olympics, Leo and Tonali let the team
Full of vigor.
Milan’s Serie A championship was the result of the club’s scientific planning, the correct strategy of the coach, the unity of the players, and the explosion of spiritual attributes. On the night when the Milan king came back to Serie A at the Mapei Tricolor Stadium, many fans burst into tears.
[From Elliott to Redbird, the transformation strategy is unshakable] After winning the Serie A championship, many red and black fans hope that the club can take advantage of the victory to increase investment and strive to achieve long-term hegemony in the Apennines. However, what people waited for
It’s not a huge amount of transfer funds, but the club’s change of ownership – Elliott, who has been in charge of Milan for four years, retired and sold Milan to the Red Bird Group, which is also an American capital, for 1.2 billion euros.
Because Li Yonghong was unable to repay the debt, Elliott took over Milan "passively" in 2018. In the process of operation, this hedge fund also had a stage of trial and error with large investment, but quickly found an effective one.
The path of scientific development – at the economic level, give CEO Gazidis sufficient rights to continuously develop new sponsors to complete "open source"; at the competitive level, trust the team led by Maldini and Marsala, with high
The purpose of cost-effective signings is to constantly tap the team’s potential.
At the same time, Elliott has also put a lot of effort into team building. Signing Ibrahimovic from the Major Leagues is a wonderful stroke. Supporting Pioli when the team is strong is also the right choice. When young players struggle
, but also boldly choose to trust.
After suffering through hard work, Milan finally ushered in a solid foundation, and both economic and competitive tracks are on the right track.
There is already a template for revival, and the Red Bird Group, which is also an American capital, of course continues to implement Elliott’s path.
In the summer window of 2022, Milan did not make crazy signings. Most of the newcomers are value-for-money players like Jiafu and Franks. They struggled for a whole summer before spending 32 million euros "huge sums" to introduce Decaturrale and Origi without a visa.
And welcoming back Pobega and Adeli, who are out on loan, also strengthened the team to a certain extent. With Casey leaving the team, Milan’s transfer operations are mainly stable.
American-owned clubs have never done charity, and profit is their pursuit. In the overall sluggish environment of Serie A, achieving a balance of payments is the most realistic goal for Milan.
After several seasons of transformation, Milan has gradually become a modern club with a corporate management model. Under the strategy of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, Milan’s huge loss of 195 million euros in the 2019/20 season has been reduced to 30 million euros in the 2021/22 season.
Revenue reached 297.7 million euros.
Everything has two sides, the transfer market