Agent: people prematurely denied Jose Mario, who could have played for Inter for another 10 years.

In an interview with all Market Network reporters on December 17, Jose Mario’s agent Pastorello talked about the topic of Mario. Speaking about Mario’s career at Inter, he said Mario could have played for Inter for another 10 years.
Pastorello said: “Mario’s story is crazy and the big European clubs have shown interest in him, which makes us very happy.” Mario’s career has proved his strength, even for Inter, it is not a very bad investment. ”
“Mario didn’t do very well in Italy at first, and then unfortunately, people denied Mario prematurely, which is an Italian habit that is common in Italy and people tend to be impatient with the players. The situation is different in other places, because people tend to be more patient. ”
“but I think Mario is still an incredible player. I watched the Champions League in Paris and saw Mario show amazing strength, personality and professionalism in such a very high level of competition. Sometimes in a higher level of competition, Mario’s performance will become better, because Mario may be more adapted to the high level of competition. ”
“Mario deserves everything he has achieved. He is a great player, a professional player and a golden boy. I am really honored to be Mario’s agent. I have learned a lot from Mario and I have publicly thanked him for his trust in us. ”
“looking back, when Mario was at a very difficult moment in his career, we chose to work with him. At that time, Mario could no longer stay at Inter because he was always subject to endless criticism and criticism from Inter fans. I was impressed by this matter. Because I was criticized for helping Inter sell Lukaku, but I was well received for selling Mario. I think maybe some things are too one-sided, people are mixed with a lot of subjective factors. ”
“I think Mario could have played for another 10 years at Inter because of his quality.”
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