Alba: If Laos realized that it was my second yellow card, he would not have played it

January 1 In a game of this round of La Liga, Barcelona
After the 1-1 draw with the Spaniard at home, Barcelona left-back Alba, who was sent off by a red card in the game, was interviewed by the media. He talked about the referee Laos.
Alba said: "I don’t understand being sent off, I communicated with the referee with respect, and I told him that Joselu gave Christensen, that’s all."
My first yellow card, but actually the second, not to mention I didn’t deserve it, obviously he wouldn’t have shown it if he had realized it would get me a red card."
I know I make mistakes sometimes, I protest too much and I need to change that, but it was a different situation today, the referee made a mistake because he didn’t remember the first yellow card I had." (Paul)