Allegri: Facing Cremona is not easy, our lineup depth is not bad

January 5th this morning, the 16th round of Serie A with Juventus 1-0 small win
After the game, coach Allegri accepted an interview.

Allegri said: "We knew it was going to be a difficult game, Cremona was a team that relied on running to press and we made a lot of technical mistakes. It was a nice win and another forward
One step forward.

"The players did well in the first half, Milik scored a great goal, it’s not easy to win, it’s not easy against Cremona.

"Rabiot played in the World Cup final and we had too many players in our team who didn’t get enough minutes. Illing has a great chemistry with the team and it’s important to have these types of players ready to play, especially
Now there is a game every four days.

"Di Maria trained today and it looks like he’s feeling better, he’s got fantastic quality and hopefully he’ll play. Pogba is also recovering, like Vlahovic and Cuadrado, with five more this season.
month time.

"A lot of the young players are improving and we must be happy to know that we can still improve. In terms of the depth of the team, we are OK. I believe in the club, I work with Cherubini, he keeps me updated on the players
. If we need to, we’ll be in the market. If we don’t, there’s no point changing. Our team is okay right now."

(Sonny time)