Allegri: Spalletti is stronger than me. I am not a natural coach. I do this by accident

January 12th, , January 14th at 3:45 am,
In the 18th round of Serie A, Juventus will play away against Naples.
Juventus coach Allegri attended the pre-match press conference.

About team status

“We have trained well these three days and the team is in good shape. Let’s see how we can perform tomorrow night.”

How important is Danilo to the team?

“Everyone is important and the attitude of the whole team has changed.”

about the wounded

“It is unlikely that someone will come back before the Coppa Italia game. Someone should come back in the game against Atalanta. Cuadrado should resume joint training from next Tuesday.”

Chiesa will still come off the bench?

“If I think he can do better tomorrow as a substitute, I will. After training today, I will decide on the starting XI.”

How big is the impact of the lost points against Salernitana?

“It’s happened, it’s not important and there’s no need to think about it. It’s better to think about what we’ve done so far. Tomorrow will be a different game, and in football there is a principle,
That’s what you do and it doesn’t matter the next day. We have to keep working hard, keep our head down and grow. As a team, we have a lot of room to improve. As individuals, we have to reach
Own goal. We have to finish in the top four and now we have to focus on tomorrow’s game.”

What was the difference between Juventus in the first and second halves?

“If we are always better in the second half, it is because the team is in a good physical condition. Tomorrow will be different, Napoli are strong and well trained.”

How are you going to stop Napoli?

“We haven’t prepared anything yet. Today we have to solve 2-3 things. This game is destined to be very exciting, but the result of this game will not be decisive.”

Will this tough battle be a test for Juventus?

“No, it’s a league game, we’ve had good results recently, Napoli now have 44 points, they could have had 50.”

Regarding the two 1-0 victories after the rematch

“I said before the game against Cremona that it was like starting a new season. The schedule was a bit strange and we had to deal with it and the players were in great shape.”

How can we beat Naples?

“Excellent technical and tactical ability, playing with intensity. This game will be a duel between the two best teams in Serie A, and the situation in the table says it all.”

About Naples

“They have 44 points and only lost one game. Now they are the favorites to win the Serie A title and Spalletti is a very good manager who proved himself in Napoli, Roma and Inter.
To beat them now, we have to make sure we play well. Two months ago, no one believed that Juventus could still be in this position, now we have to keep our head down.”

About Spalletti

“I have a lot of respect for Spalletti, he is great, stronger than me, but also very funny, sometimes we have a verbal fight. I am not a natural coach, and this job is accidental. Spalletti is great,
It’s always a big challenge every time we play against him. He’s a great teacher and I think this game is even more important for Napoli.”

This will be the last game of the Agnelli era, what impression did he leave on you?

“I have nothing to say about President Agnelli, he has proven himself in the work he has done over the past 12 years. I am grateful to him because he gave me the opportunity to coach Juventus and
Let me work with him for so many years.”

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