Although Aspen has not yet confirmed the offer, Felix’s wish is still to leave Atletico Madrid

January 4 According to the "Aspen" report, although there is no firm offer yet,
But Felix’s thoughts have not changed in any way, and his wish is still to leave Atletico Madrid.

Atletico Madrid CEO Angel Gil said during the World Cup: "His relationship with Simeone is not good, but I hope he can stay, although it is reasonable for him to want to leave."
Things appear to have changed, with him joining Simeone’s planned starting line-up for the Copa del Rey game against Argentejo, who was sidelined by pharyngitis, before returning to the starting line-up against Elche in La Liga.

While Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain are all interested in Felix, none have made a real bid as Atletico Madrid have offered as much as 100 million euros, having spent 127 million euros in 2019.

Now neither the player himself nor Atletico Madrid want his departure to become a soap opera, and Atletico Madrid insists that no player is openly negotiating with any club at this time.
Loaning is now the only way for a player to leave Atletico, only until the end of the season, and there is no buy option at a price of 9 million and one condition: the club where he arrives bears his full salary until June 30 next year.

Felix’s outstanding performance in the World Cup has changed Simeone’s opinion of him. If the player is willing to stay at the club, then his plan is to let the team play in Barrios, Griezmann, Felix and
The combination of Morata played and for this reason, despite the player’s strong desire, he was selected as a starter.

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