April Fools’Day! World: Barcelona hope to sign Mbappe next summer, who is unhappy that Messi & is about to leave the team.

According to the World Sports News, Barcelona hope to sign Mbappe next summer. Reported that after the World Cup final defeat, Mbappe can not stand Messi is about to renew his contract, he wants to leave the team. The truth behind this report is: Barcelona want to sign Mbappe next summer? Believe it and fall for it, ❌. Today is April Fool’s Day in Spain.
World said that despite its financial problems, Barcelona were prepared to use “leverage” to achieve this goal.
The World report also lists several major reasons for the transfer.
1-Paris contract renewal Lionel Messi was the trigger for Mbappe’s anger. Mbappe was also enraged by the jokes of Argentine goalkeeper Martinez at the championship celebration.
2-Laporta reached a secret agreement with Florentino in which Barcelona handed over the Nou Camp renovation project to Florentino’s company in exchange for him not to intervene in the signing of Mbappe.
Mbappe himself has been strongly criticized by many Real Madrid fans on social media, including Roncero, a famous fan and editor-in-chief of as, and now he feels it is best to join Barcelona. Mbappe also does not want to share a dressing room with Benzema, an unpopular player in the French team.
3-due to the transformation of the Nou Camp, Barcelona will compete next year at the former Olympic stadium, the Monteuke Olympic Stadium, which will be a perfect attempt for Mbappe, who aims to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.
Mbappe knows that Levan still has years of leadership to play, and after joining Barcelona, he can be reunited with his national team-mate Dembele.
4-Catalan politician Manuel Valls can mediate in front of Macron to show the French president that joining Barcelona is the best thing for Mbappe.