Argentine celebrity: Mbappe is the best in the world. Messi can never surpass Maradona.

December 20-Argentine nickname “Crazy” Hugo-Gatty recently accepted an exclusive interview with Spain Radio 6, he as always made remarks against Messi, and that Mbappe is the best player in the world.
“Yes, Lionel Messi did very well, but only relatively well. I’m telling you, for me, Mbappe is the best in the world, and he has the brightest future. Some people will call me ‘crazy’ anti-Argentine, but I’m just talking about how I feel and what I see. ”
When the host asked whether Messi was above Maradona, Gatty said: “first of all, no one can surpass him about Pele.” And then here in Argentina, no one surpasses Maradona. This is a fact that I have witnessed with my own eyes, according to how I watch the game and the game. For example, DiMaria’s performance was wonderful, but no one said who he would become. ”
Gatty then analyzed the World Cup final. “Argentina did very well in the first half and I saw a very impatient France, especially Mbappe. France has failed to take away the light of Argentina, and Argentina must defend well. In the second half, Mbappe complicated the situation. I am very happy, because I have always wanted to see Argentina like this. I think this one is the most acceptable of so many games. ”
Finally, on the excellent performance of goalkeeper Martinez, Gatty praised: “Yes, we have a great goalkeeper, he is the most decisive player in Argentina.” Argentina was on the edge of a cliff for two or three games and he saved the team, one of which was against Holland. When he entered overtime in the final, he made a wonderful single save, which would have been a goal if Mbappe played. ”
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