Arnold: We are not good enough in any area of the stadium, and we need to rebound in the next game

January 15th, after losing to Brighton, Liverpool defender Arnold said in an interview with the club’s official website
When it comes to the current situation of the team, he said that the team needs to rebound.

Arnold said: “I think if you want to make things positive, then this is something we can use to motivate ourselves. We don’t want similar things to happen again, we need to bounce back, this is the current situation, we
Need to bounce back in the next game.”

“A result like this is not what we want as a team, if let me be honest we are not good enough in any area of the pitch, we are not good enough. Congratulations to Brighton, they are a top team,
Played really well, so they deserved the three points and we didn’t.”

“I think fundamentally there were a lot of things that were wrong, we had a lot of things that were wrong. There wasn’t a lot of positives in this game, but we’ll go back and see what happened and make sure things like that
It won’t happen again, and like I said, it’s totally unacceptable.”

(Ma Dongyu)