Arteta: After the game, the players in the dressing room are talking about doing better, the team is getting more and more mature

January 1, the 18th round of the Premier League, Arsenal defeated Arsenal 4-2
Brighton, in an interview after the game, Arteta talked about the game and the performance of the players. The specific content is as follows: Regarding this game, Arteta said: "A great victory, very happy, coming here
It was really difficult to play, Brighton were very good, very well organized, made it difficult for us, and of course we caused them a lot of problems. I think we performed very well, especially in attack, when we played
When there is space, they are very open defensively, and we use it well. We discussed before, if the opponent has a deep defense, we will suffer, that is what we need to do better, the ball
The team got themselves into trouble, but that’s part of the learning, every game is a huge test." And again with Odegaard’s performance, he’s doing what we want him to do, which is deciding games,
Giving the team what they need every moment of every game makes all the difference.
The front four scored again, Nketiah scored again, Saka and Martinelli did it, and they did it in critical moments, that’s what we want, when the team needs
Sometimes, they are the players who can decide the game.
We have a long way to go for a 7 point lead and when I walk into the dressing room it excites me that the players are talking about how they should have done better today and that means they know they can still play better
, we need to do better against Newcastle.
I’ve seen everything in this league for a near 4-3 scoreline, I’ve been here for 20 years so I’ve seen it.
I think if that happens, the momentum will change quickly and it will be hard to stop.
That goal was conceded and we had a lot of space to win the game but you need to be ready for it.
Coming here to get an easy win against Brighton is out of the question.
Regarding the handling of some details on the team field, everyone understands what needs to be done at each moment, what is the state of the game, and what needs to be done. The players understand better and better, and they play smoothly and freely.
You can see that understanding, there are good moments between them, to be able to score goals, that’s the most important thing for the team.
That’s the case with the first goal, it’s about how you react when the opponent puts pressure on you, how you deal with the situation mentally, the team is getting more and more mature, today was a very big one.
Big test.