Arteta we should have won two penalty kicks The team 100% wanted to win the game

January 4 In the game that ended early this morning , Arsenal and Newcastle shook hands 0-0
After the game, Arsenal coach Arteta held a press conference and talked about his views on the game.

Are you frustrated with the game?

I’m proud of the way the team played and the way we dominated the game.
We lacked momentum in the final third, we didn’t score goals, we didn’t find the right timing and passing lanes, we lacked a bit of finishing ability.
We could improve a lot in the box and we should have had two penalties.

Did that last one frustrate you?

Frustrated, both should have been awarded penalties.

You only changed one person, is the lineup not thick enough?

We want to score goals, the team is in good shape and I don’t want to make many substitutions.

Have you discussed it with the referee?


Can this kind of game reflect the progress of the team?
The team could have lost two years ago.

I don’t know, we wanted to win this game, we’ve been focused on it, we’ve done a lot of things, we deserved to win this game, but in the end we only got a draw.

Do you feel like you missed two points?

No, it has nothing to do with feeling.
I think we have the upper hand, we are chasing wins, we want it badly.
You could see the team doing everything possible to win.
We were lacking in the final third and were missing two important decisions.

Were you upset about the fights you had with Eddie Howe and Jason Tyndall?

Just part of the game.

Did the referee control the game?

They have whistles, so they need to be controlled.
Sorry I’m not here to discuss refereeing.

Does only one team want to win?

I have no idea.
I’m talking about my team, the one we 100% want to win.

Does this nervous feeling have an effect on the team?

This is a football game.
The way we played was very competitive.
The two teams are very close in the table, so that’s the beauty of football.

Do you have an idea to calm down the team?

I think the team is very calm.

Will it help the team if someone is signed before this game?

I have no idea.
That should be something Edu and the board respond to.
Every transfer window we want to improve the team.
We’re doing our best because with our squad and the number of players we can’t waste the transfer window, we’ll try.

Do you think Newcastle are title contenders?

I have no idea.
There’s still a lot to play and we’ll find out.
I might respond to that question with 10 games left.

Arsenal didn’t score in the league for the first time, how did the players react?

They want to win the game, we do everything we can to get the points.
We didn’t do it.
But I think we have to be proud of our performance against the big teams.

Halfway through the season, what are you happiest about?

The way we play.
The character, the cohesion, the determination, and the attitude of being clear about playing the way we wanted to play, it turned out well, but I’m proud of the way the team played against all teams.