As: Atletico Madrid suffered a penalty nightmare this season, only one of the four free throws and three different players lost points.

December 28-recently, the as newspaper analyzed Atletico’s poor penalty kick this season, and the error rate of only one of the four penalties has become Atletico’s nightmare.
Atletico Madrid have had a poor performance in penalty kicks this season, with four penalties but only one goal, with a 75 per cent error rate. The three missing points were caused by three different players: Grizman (against Bruges), Carrasco (against Bayer Leverkusen) and Morata (against Arentello), and the penalty was scored by Carrasco.
Atletico Madrid now regret the departure of Luis Suarez because he has scored six out of seven penalties in the team’s two seasons and nothing is certain without him. Although several players dare to take the penalty, none of them is stable and accurate. In the past four seasons, eight different players have missed penalties, not to mention penalty shootouts: Tripier, Diego Costa, Saul, Felix, Luis Suarez and the three just mentioned.
In the future, Carrasco, Grizman and Morata will all play. Simone will choose who will take the penalty according to the confidence of the players, but no matter who takes the penalty, Atletico will need players to improve their accuracy.
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