Aspen revealed the winter window plan for the top three in La Liga: it is difficult for Barcelona to sign in, and Real Madrid is considering cleaning players

January 2, the winter transfer window has opened, but for the top three in La Liga, Real Madrid and Barcelona
As far as Atletico Madrid is concerned, due to many reasons, it is not easy for them to strengthen the team lineup.
"Aspen" revealed the transfer plans of these three clubs in this winter window.
La Liga’s new financial controls will prevent Barcelona from signing players, that’s the message from club president Laporta.
If there is a miracle in terms of finances, they will seek to sign a right-back. Pavard, Meunier and Dalot are all targets for the Red and Blues.
However, due to the salary cap system, it has become almost impossible for them to sign players.
Real Madrid Real Madrid has no plans to sign players in the winter window to strengthen the team lineup.
If anything the club can do it is say goodbye to some players.
If there is a suitable offer, Real Madrid will let players such as Hazard, Asensio, Mariano, Odriosola and Ceballos leave.
For Atletico Madrid, they may experience a lively transfer window.
Felix could head to the Premier League, as could Felipe.
Previously, they had let Cunha go.
If either of the above two people leaves, Atletico Madrid will have to sign up.
On the defensive end, Se Yunju is the player that Atletico Madrid is focusing on introducing, while on the offensive end, they are paying attention to Unal, Marcus Thuram and Iglesias.
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