At the top of the list! Shandong Taishan got 3 points because Meizhou abstained, accumulating 75 points and temporarily ranked first in the Chinese Super League.

According to the official news of the Chinese Super League on December 26, Hebei, Jinmen Tiger and Meizhou gave up the 33rd round of the Chinese Super League and were sentenced to a 0-3 defeat.
Shandong Taishan, which had previously ranked second, was originally scheduled to face Meizhou Hakkas in the 33rd round. Due to the opponent’s abstention, Shandong was judged to lose 0-3, so Shandong “lay down” three points, and the “first game” points reached 75 points to temporarily rise to the first place in the Chinese Super League. The three towns of Wuhan, the first in the previous Chinese Super League, are now 72 separate in second place.
Shandong Taishan still has a final round to play against Beijing Guoan; the three towns of Wuhan have two rounds to play against Zhejiang team and Tianjin Jinmen Tiger.