Atletico Madrid fans demanded the removal of the Courtois plaque, the player “apologized” and said he was insulted by the fans

January 13 According to a report from “Aspen”, Atletico Madrid’s member representative committee had previously
There has been intense debate over whether to keep Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois’ plaque on the club’s “Road of Legends”.
After learning of the controversy, Courtois sent a letter to Atletico Madrid to respond to the concerns of members.

Courtois was at the center of the discussions at the Atletico Madrid member representative committee meeting on Wednesday night local time.
Members debated whether to keep Courtois’ plaque on the “Road of Legends” outside the MetLife and whether to identify him as one of the club’s legends.
After the meeting, the Atletico membership didn’t appear to be prepared to forgive the goalkeeper.

Atlético fans were furious with Courtois because the current Real Madrid goalkeeper’s behavior and performance after leaving Atletico Madrid appeared to be less than decent.
In the committee’s opinion, he did not deserve a plaque on the Mets’ Avenue of Legends.
The committee also demanded an apology from Courtois, which has now been achieved, albeit only halfway.

Courtois sent a letter to Atletico Madrid, expressing his gratitude to Atletico Madrid.
In the beautifully written, articulate and accessible letter, Courtois noted that Atletico Madrid gave him worldwide fame and said he felt comfortable while there and would not forget it.
The time I played for Atletico Madrid.
However, he also recalled that some Atletico Madrid fans have always been hostile to him. He said that he was insulted by the fans, and some fans even called him a “rat” because of his poor performance.

Courtois’s “half apology letter” does not seem to satisfy Atletico Madrid’s member representative committee.
They asked Courtois if the contents of the letter could be released to all Atletico Madrid members and fans so that they can understand the feelings of the goalkeeper who is now playing for Real Madrid.
The issue of Courtois’ plaque will continue to be discussed, but the current majority of members want it removed because they believe the players do not respect their club.
The club is unwilling to intervene too much in this matter, hoping to leave it to the members to resolve.

Courtois has played 154 times for Atletico Madrid, and followed the team to win a La Liga title, a Copa del Rey title, a Europa League title and a UEFA Super Cup title.
He was brilliant and well-loved during his time at Atletico, but after leaving the club he was condemned by Atletico fans for his words and actions.

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