B seat: People are always talking about Ronaldo, he did something wrong, but my words have no reference value

January 2, Manchester City player B seat recently accepted the Portuguese "Record" interview
, talked about the World Cup exit and the national team teammate Cristiano Ronaldo.
Excerpts from the interview with Seat B: Q: What do you think of Portugal being eliminated by Morocco?
Seat B: That was a tough game.
In the World Cup you have to have a little bit of luck and you can’t make mistakes.
Like champions Argentina, if they lost to the Netherlands in the quarter-finals, they would say it was a disaster.
Another example if Pepe’s header scores, we will go to extra time, and there will be an extra 30 minutes (to win the game)… Let’s talk about the game itself, it is very difficult against Morocco, and the opponent is a physical team
Very strong team, they defended very hard and conceded only one goal.
They put a lot of effort into the quarterfinals.
But I don’t have any regrets about what the team did because Morocco played well and dominated the game under pressure… It’s the opposite of what happened in our games against other teams, getting eliminated
It is because we performed poorly in the game and were manipulated by our opponents.
We could have done better, but we did our best.
Contrary to what many may think, the atmosphere in our national team is good and for the first time everyone believes that we can go further.
Q: First time?
Seat B: I didn’t participate in the European Cup in 2016, and I didn’t march towards victory as firmly as the players in that session.
But my feeling in Euro 2021 and the World Cup in Russia is that we will never get far.
But in this World Cup, I feel that everyone is very motivated, and there is a lot of communication and mutual assistance.
Although we failed in the end, we have no regrets.
Q: Is there too much discussion about Ronaldo?
Seat B: People always do.
I think that’s even a good thing, it takes some pressure off the young players.
But I realized that’s what’s hot and what people want to know.
Q: Does Ronaldo’s interview before the World Cup have any influence?
Seat B: The interview is only related to Manchester United.
Q: But the interview also mentioned a lot of his personal performance on the court.
Seat B: Of course.
But do you think that if Ronaldo hadn’t been interviewed, no one would have paid so much attention to him?
Will not.
I don’t judge whether he was right or wrong to be interviewed. He had his reasons and he did what he thought was right at the time.
I don’t think it has any effect on our World Cup.
As for what happened in the locker room afterwards, I don’t know about everything else, the situation of certain players and coaches, of course it’s all the aftermath.
But this Ronaldo interview and Manchester United’s problems have no effect on us.
Question: Did the episode between Ronaldo and coach Santos in the game against South Korea affect everyone to some extent?
Seat B: I think this may have affected Ronaldo himself and the coach.
I don’t know what they said, but I’m guessing they said something that might have had an effect on their relationship.
It’s just that these have little effect on the locker room.
Of course we talk about it, I wouldn’t say we pretend nothing happened.
But we talk about these things like we talk about 500 little things that happen every day in training… A player is upset because he can’t play and tells the manager something, although I don’t know
What…but he’ll regret it and apologize the next day.
A lot of these things that happen in football, it’s hard to articulate with a lot of players.
And Ronaldo is always the focus… If you ask me, is he right?
That’s not right.
But my words have no reference value in this matter.