Bai Guohua: Evergrande’s apparent success has never been able to solve the hematopoietic problem of Chinese football.

December 28 when commenting on the demotion of the Guangzhou team, media man Bai Guohua believed that Evergrande’s apparent success could not solve the hematopoietic problem of Chinese football.
Bai Guohua said that Evergrande has represented a direction in the past 11 years of the Chinese Super League, and the huge demonstration effect has led to a steady stream of newcomers, but no matter how much the newcomers imitate, there is no way to recreate Evergrande.
But Evergrande’s apparent success has always been unable to solve a core problem of Chinese football, that is, the problem of hematopoiesis. Without government support and capital injection from the parent company, can football itself support itself? If we fail to do so, Chinese professional football will always be rootless and rootless. Once the policy changes or the parent company has a crisis, no matter how brilliant it is, it will not escape being abandoned.
From a pessimistic point of view, the problem of self-hematopoiesis cannot be solved in China for another 50 years, but this may also be a false proposition, because Chinese football and football are really two models. The good news for Guangzhou is that Evergrande has no plans to dissolve the team, but the bad news is that there is no plan to dissolve the team.