Bid Late: Arsenal raised their offer to nearly 60 million pounds and wanted to sign Mudrick before the middle of this month

January 3 According to the "London Evening Standard" report, Arsenal wanted to sign Mudrick in this month
Before kicking off Tottenham, Mudrick was finalized.

The Gunners made a higher offer for Mudrick, which is reported to be close to 60 million pounds, and the Gunners regard him as the primary target of the January transfer.

Arsenal previously offered him a £55million offer, but it was rejected.
Arsenal are now offering to pay miners more upfront, and the payment structure will be key to whether the deal will work.

Miners have publicly stated they want £85m, but the two clubs are in daily talks in hopes of a deal being struck.
Mudrick is eager to join Arsenal and personal terms are not expected to be an issue.

Arsenal will face Tottenham Hotspur on January 15. They hope to introduce Mudrik before that to strengthen the team’s striker strength.
Arsenal and miners continue to negotiate today, there are currently no other clubs for Mudrick and miners formal negotiations.

In the longer term, Arsenal are looking to further strengthen their squad by signing a left centre-back and a new midfielder.