Big Martin: in my opinion, Messi can play until he is 50, and people respect him more than the president

December 16-Qatar World Cup, Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano-Martinez has an excellent performance. In an interview with, Martin talked about team captain Lionel Messi and other topics.
Martinez said: “in my opinion, Messi can play until he is 50, he looks so sharp, so good.” He makes things look simple, which is the hardest thing to do. It’s important to know how good he shot, he put the ball there and looked at you, and then shot the ball into the upper corner of the goal. If he misses, the ball will hit the crossbar or goalpost, which is his left foot. Short as he is, he is very strong. ”
“I hope this is not Messi’s last World Cup. Such a time will come eventually, and we all say that we will ask him not to give up. We are very happy to have him as a partner to play with us. ”
“playing with Lionel Messi has made me a better player, that’s for sure. It makes sense for Messi to win the Copa America. He has already lost one World Cup final and two or three Copa America finals. When I asked him to take a selfie with me, it was a proud moment for me, and there was a picture of us at home. ”
“Messi represents the whole country as a hero, and people respect Messi more than the president. People will stay at home 24 hours a day if Messi asks. He is a first-class player, a very hard-working player and has been an inspiration to everyone. ”
“Messi is a good man, a very good man, he has no ego. When you see him, you will find this, which is a very good feeling. Everyone in the world knows him, so when you meet him, you will want to shake his hand and leave. ”
On the dispute between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who is “GOAT”, Martinez said: “do I need to answer?” Messi. It’s not because I have to say it’s Lionel Messi, but because I think it’s Messi. Everyone knows that he is a better player and a born magician. ”
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