Bournemouth manager: Chelsea are hard to predict. The team reacted well after conceding two goals.

December 28-Chelsea 2-0 Bournemouth, Haverts shot, Mund scored.
Bournemouth coach Gary O’Neill told BBC Sports: “they are a very difficult team to predict, it is difficult to know how they will arrange the squad, it took us a while to get to know them.” We lost Chris Muffin so we had to change what we’ve been doing all week. I am very satisfied with our performance after we conceded two goals. ”
“it was a difficult game and needed to fight back and get back into the game and unfortunately didn’t score. We will not be measured by this game, you need to go all out, down 0-2, the opponent showed incredible confidence, we can still get something from the game, positive things and things to learn. There will be an important game in four days. ”