Brady: it feels terrible that Mbappe scored three goals and lost the final

NFL legendary superstar Tom Brady, who works for the pirates of Tampa Bay, said in an interview that Mbappe scored three goals in the World Cup final but could not win, which felt bad, but this is life.
Brady said: “it’s too bad to lose like this, but this is the reality.” I sympathize with those who put a lot of time and energy into their work but fail to achieve their expectations, not just football players, but anyone in any job. He may be a courier, a soldier, or an office worker.
“so is Mbappe. He scored three goals in the World Cup final, but the team lost. This is life. No one can guarantee to win all the time, not even whether the next day will come. But as long as you see the sun rise today, you have to try to make today your best day. ”
(old onion)