Brazilian media Robinho intends to come back, and two Brazilian teams intend to invite him to join

January 11, according to Brazilian media UOL, the 38-year-old former Brazilian star intends to come back to the game.
In January last year, he was sentenced to nine years in prison by Italian prosecutors on suspicion of rape, but he was not extradited to Italy to serve his sentence. He announced his retirement in July.

It is reported that the Brazilian team Portuguesa Santista intends to invite Robinho back, Robinho is also seriously considering, but he has not yet made a decision.
The team’s sports director Emerson Coelho said: “We have indeed considered the possibility of signing him and tried it, but he has not given a formal response. At present, we can only respect his choice, even if we cannot sign him.
It has to go on. Of course it would be great to sign him, but at the moment it’s just a matter of lip service.”

In addition to Portugalsa Santista, another Brasiliense is also interested in Robinho, but no progress yet.