Brighton coach: I hope McAllister can stay in the team, this is a win-win choice

January 3 News Brighton coach De Zelby accepted Sky Sports reporter
interview, in which he talked about McAllister.

De Zerby believes that if McAllister can stay at Brighton for the rest of the season, then it will be a good choice for the player and the club.
It is reported that Paul Barber, Brighton’s chief executive and vice-chairman of the club, also understands the interest of other teams in McAllister, but he said that they will not accept any contact in the winter window.

At present, McAllister has returned to Brighton, but as the transfer window draws closer, speculation about his transfer is becoming more and more.
De Zerby has personally talked with McAllister, and he hopes that McAllister can focus on the Brighton game for now.

De Zerby said: "If McAllister can stay at Brighton for the rest of the season, I will be very happy. I think it is also a good choice for him. Of course, this is for the club.
It is also a good choice for him. If he leaves in the winter window, he himself will face new problems, and it is the same for us."

De Zerby currently has his own transfer plan. He came to Brighton in September this year to replace Porter who left.
Brighton will travel to Goodison Park to face Everton in their next game, and De Zerby hopes that the team can find their own form in this game.

De Zerby said: "We can’t talk about transfers now, but I think the club is very clear about my thoughts. Now, I only focus on tomorrow’s game against Everton, which is very important for us.
It’s very important to say."