British media If Mudrick’s transfer is not going well, Arsenal may consider switching to Mikaoru

January 6 News about Shakhtar Donetsk striker Mudrick’s transfer trend is still unclear
, although the player wants to join Arsenal, Chelsea’s intervention has complicated the transfer.

Recently, London Football Net columnist Tom Canton wrote in his personal column that if Mudrick is cut off by other teams, he suggested that Arsenal could switch to Brighton’s Japanese international Kaoru Misaki.

The reporter said: "Arsenal’s process of introducing Mudrick is not smooth, and Chelsea’s involvement is also what Shakhtar Donetsk wants to see.
Selling price. It seems that Arsenal will find it difficult to meet the miners’ asking price, so it would not be surprising if the Gunners choose to change their signing targets."

"In my opinion, there is a player who has not been connected with the Gunners, but can meet Arteta’s signing needs, and he is Brighton’s Kaoru Misaki.
Although he was 25 years old when he made his Premier League debut, he had already made an impression during his loan spell at St.Giros.
Substitute, but after De Zelby took office, he was promoted to the starting lineup. He scored 3 goals and 1 assist in the 5 games he started recently, and scored 1 goal in a direct dialogue with Arsenal.
It is a pity that one goal was conceded."

"Brighton only spent 4.5 million pounds on the transfer fee of Kaoru Sanba.
Signing a four-year contract with Brighton means that he has two years left on his contract. Maybe this will be a big plus for the Gunners to introduce players. Arsenal has not yet shown signs of introducing Kaoru Misaki, but
With the complexity of Mudrick’s transfer, the Gunners will definitely look for more targets to achieve the purpose of signing in the winter window."