Cantona talks about Manchester United’s No. 7 jersey: its history may overwhelm some players, but it makes me stronger

January 14 News Manchester United legend Cantona recently accepted an interview with BT Sports,
And talked about the story of wearing the Manchester United No. 7 jersey.

Cantona said: “Wearing Manchester United’s No. 7 made me feel a step up. I felt the No. 7 player in Manchester United’s history and felt the past it carried. Sometimes, the weight of these histories may overwhelm some players.
, but for me, it helps a lot, I can feel the weight of my predecessors making me stronger.”

“I started wearing Manchester United’s No. 7 because Bryan Robson was too old. I loved it after changing to No. 7. My feelings are closely related to the number on the back of the jersey. If I don’t feel good, I won’t play.
Well, when I first put on the Manchester United number 7 shirt, I felt like I had worn it my whole life.”

(Goblin Slayer)