Celebrity Mike Dean commented on the World Cup final: four major decisions were accurate.

December 19 sentry Mike Dean commented on the referee Maziniak’s decision in the final and published a column in the Daily Mail.
“I witnessed Marziniak’s wonderful performance at the Russell Stadium and imagine the pressure he is under.
This is a game watched by millions of people around the world, and his every decision will determine a lot of things, but his law enforcement performance has also become part of this classic battle.
— about the penalty kick won by Argentina
When DiMaria fell to the ground after being attacked by Dembele, I thought to myself: this is a penalty. Marziniak did not hesitate to point to the penalty spot, and it is worth noting that no French player came forward to protest the decision.
Dembele has obvious contact with Di Maria, the most prominent place is that Di Maria’s left leg tripped over Dembele’s right leg, VAR will not overturn Marziniak’s decision.
— about France’s first penalty
Otamendi has lagged behind Muani, who has no choice but to foul. This time there was obvious physical contact between the two sides, which was an obvious foul in the penalty area. Once again, Maziniak made the right decision and awarded a penalty.
About little Thuram falling to the ground in the penalty area, the referee did not award a penalty
It was arguably the best decision Marziniak had made in the whole game when little Thuram fell to the ground when Enzo Fernandez intercepted.
But Marziniak was in the right place when he saw that Enzo Fernandez did not touch little Thuram and he correctly showed the yellow card to the latter.
— on the second penalty won by France
Mbappe’s shot flew towards the goal, but was blocked by Montiel’s outstretched arm. It was another big decision and Marziniak awarded another penalty.
The players from Argentina and France gave us a wonderful game, but we also have to applaud Maziniac.