Chairman Auxerre: I have been paying attention to the Chinese market. The winter window is very close to the introduction of a Chinese player

January 14 In an interview with the “European Times”, the executive chairman of the Auxerre club Batty
Stuart-Maleb responded to the rumor that he intends to introduce Chinese players during the winter window. He confirmed the authenticity of the rumor and revealed the reason why the transfer failed.

——The Auxerre Club intends to introduce a Chinese player in the winter window. How authentic are these news?

Yes, AJ has been paying attention to the Chinese player market. After the Chinese metal packaging giant O.R.G. Technology Co., Ltd. acquired AJ in 2016, the introduction of Chinese players has always been part of our club’s plan. For the work of introducing Chinese players, we
Careful and careful investigation has been carried out all the time.

Regarding the transfer information you mentioned, in fact, we started the communication and related work very early this time, and the two sides are very close to completing the transfer.
Some adjustments in personnel, but in the end it backfired, which is also a pity.

——What is the reason why this signing failed?

At present, the reasons are relatively complicated. For example, the European league time is not synchronized with the Chinese league time. During the winter European league, the Chinese league is in the offseason, and the summer is the opposite. This increases the transfer operation to a certain extent.
The difficulty is also higher for the player’s own state.

In addition, in the process of communicating with Chinese players, we can also feel some of their concerns. For example, in terms of mentality, Chinese players will be more worried about their playing time. As a professional club, players’ appearance should be combined with the team’s tactical arrangements and player status.
, Considering the overall situation of the opponent, it is difficult to simply agree on the appearance rate.
At the same time, players will also have salary considerations.

In the end, I think a key reason is that we or European clubs are both familiar and unfamiliar to Chinese players. Maybe they are more familiar with the team’s style of play, but joining as a player can fully integrate and
Adapting here is still a big challenge for them, and it is also their main concern.

——The Auxerre club introduced Chinese player Ji Xiaoxuan in 2019. With the experience of trying to introduce Chinese players this time, will Auxerre continue to introduce Chinese players in the future?

Auxerre has always had this will. In fact, we have been trying in recent years, and some Chinese players have joined the team.
In the future, we will focus more on young players. Auxerre has a profound background in youth training, has its own experience and advantages in the training of young players, and has also trained many star players and young talents.

We know that due to various reasons, the overall environment of football in China has been affected in recent years, but we have always believed that there are some potential players in China who can gain a foothold in Europe in the future.