Changjiang Daily: from amateur team to CSL champion in only four years, the three towns showed “Wuhan speed”.

December 30-as the new champion of the Chinese Super League, the three towns of Wuhan, which is still fighting for the championship in 2018, took only four years to become the champion of China’s top professional league, according to the Yangtze River Daily.
Five years ago, the Wuhan Sanzhen team was just a “small club” that had just formed a team to participate in the lowest level of Chinese football league. In four years, from the amateur league to the top league, the three towns of Wuhan have demonstrated “Wuhan speed” in Chinese football. Unlike other companies when they devote themselves to professional football, their initial choice is very personal-instead of directly buying a Chinese B or Serie A club as a starting point, they start with the amateur league at the bottom of the Chinese Football League.
In 2018, the Chinese Football Association decided to change the name of the Class C League to the Chinese Football Champions League, or the Chinese Football Championship. In order to set a better stage for the youth players, the club decided to join the Champions League and set new goals. It is reported that the investors of Wuhan three towns Football Club initially only put forward the goal of eight words-“go all out and do the best”. In 2018, the three towns of Wuhan began to recruit players from the society, and it is difficult for strong professional players to choose to succumb to a championship team. The meal should be stuttered, and the road should be taken step by step. In the 2018 season, the three towns of Wuhan successfully “rushed to B”, entered the real professional league, and had the courage to recruit better players.
(Nanling weeps)