Chelsea vs. Manchester City preview: Manchester City hopes to win and the Blues urgently need to get out of the quagmire

January 5 News At 4 am on January 6, , Chelsea will welcome Manchester City at home in the 19th round of the Premier League
In this game, Manchester City is eager to win the point-chasing Gunners, while Chelsea urgently needs to get out of the quagmire.
At that time, the live broadcast of the game will also be brought to netizens.

The nature of the game: the 19th round of the Premier League

Game time: 4:00 a.m. on January 6

Venue: Stamford Bridge Stadium

Game anchor: Xiao Ming

Aspect 1: Manchester City is looking forward to chasing the Gunners

Chelsea played against Manchester City at home in this round of the Premier League. The club’s official website counted the battle records of the two teams.
Chelsea have suffered a 3-game losing streak against Manchester City. The last time Chelsea won against Manchester City dates back to the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League final.
If Manchester City can beat Chelsea in this campaign, it will be the first time they have won 3 consecutive away games against Chelsea in the Premier League.

After losing points at home in the last round, Manchester City has been 8 points behind Arsenal in the standings, and Manchester United behind them are also chasing after them with 35 points.
If Manchester City can beat Chelsea as a guest in this campaign, they will narrow the gap with Arsenal in the standings.

In terms of personnel, the performances of De Bruyne and Bessie have both had ups and downs. Facing Chelsea in this campaign, if "Blue Moon" wants to win as a guest, the performance of these two must improve.

Aspect 2: Weak offense, Chelsea urgently need points

Chelsea’s performance in the Premier League has been sluggish this season. They have only won one game in the past 7 rounds. In the standings, Chelsea has slipped to 10th in the league, and there is already a 10-point gap from Manchester United in the Champions League. Therefore, "Blue
"Army" urgently needs 3 points to catch up with the teams in the Champions League.

But in terms of strength, Chelsea’s midfielder lacks creativity, and the striker’s finishing ability is also very worrying. Although this is a home game, their primary goal is still to keep the tie and win.