Chen Pu: I have always been confident in winning the championship, thanks to Hao Wei for his guidance and trust in me

January 15 News Shandong Taishan defeated Zhejiang team to win the FA Cup.
Chen Pu, who scored one goal, was interviewed.

how calm today

First of all, have confidence in yourself and show your own strength.

The Special Meaning of a Birthday Goal

Although every game is very important to me, it is very honored and special to help the team win the championship with a goal on my birthday.

Does this goal break the paper window?

Whether it is against a strong team or a weak team, you need to seize every opportunity.
Opportunities for strong teams must also be seized. Regardless of strong teams or weak teams, being able to open up the situation for the team is the most important thing.

Did you feel fluctuated in the second half of the game?

I have confidence in myself and the team, and I am very confident that I can win the championship.
The main thing is to be yourself, reflect value in every position, and contribute to the team.

Hao Wei has always attached great importance to you, and the outside world talks a lot about you

I am very grateful to him, no matter what others say, he trusts me very much and hopes to give back with his own performance.

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