Chinese young players visit Qatar Elite College, lamenting that their peers have accepted high-quality cultural courses.

December 27, according to reporter Ma Dexing, Chinese young players visited the Qatari Football Elite College, and these players were very impressed by the high-quality cultural courses received by players of the same age.
Qatar Football Elite College began to accept students in 2004, and so far 15 groups of more than 650 students have graduated here. What makes several Chinese young players lamented is that the elite college recruits young Qatari players of all ages from U13 to U18. In addition to training in the afternoon, they have to receive high-quality cultural courses every morning.
These young players said frankly that although the country also has cultural classes in the morning and professional training in the afternoon, which seems to be similar to the practice of the Qatari Elite College, there are fundamental differences in nature. because Qatar’s elite college is first of all a high-quality institution that focuses on cultural learning.
This elite college belongs to the International Union of Schools, which aims to provide students with knowledge, skills and abilities, make them citizens of the world and committed to providing high-quality international education. So the student who graduated from here is not only a football player, but first of all a “educated student”.
Ma Dexing said that when several young Chinese players were stranded in the electronic library during their visit, he lamented that Asian players of the same age had made such rapid progress. “they are all reading and educated,” and “the foundation is really much better than ours.”what I regret most now is that I read too little, because playing football is good or bad, in the final analysis, it depends on the brain. If you don’t read, how can the brain work?”
In the course of the visit, the young players also received a lot of physical tests, they said: “looking at such equipment, we know why our training is so backward.” Because we only know that we train every day, and we still train repeatedly, but the purpose of the training is not strong, and we may not know what it is after practicing for a lifetime.
Losing the game may be a mistake, but this mistake is caused by its own weak link, but because of other reasons? It may not be clear at all. We all know that we need to use scientific means to carry out training, but in this respect, our domestic situation may not be the slightest bit. ”