Dalian Shide “eight stars” and Liaoning football team “ten champions” have died out, and Guangzhou team “eight champions” has been relegated.

December 28-Guangzhou team was relegated one round ahead of schedule yesterday, and the future of the team is uncertain. It is still unknown whether the team can compete in China League one next.
Guangzhou team’s relegation is very sad. The team has won the Chinese Super League championship eight times and the AFC Champions League twice. Since Evergrande Group took over in 2010, the team has created a brilliant era.
Dalian Shide, the “eight-crown king” and the “ten-crown king” Liaozu, which made miracles in Chinese football in the past, no longer exist.
Liaoning Hongyun was founded in 1953 and achieved ten consecutive championships in the past 80 years. Since winning the first FA Cup in 1984, Liaoning Football team has dominated Chinese football for 10 years. By 1993, it has won 2 FA Cup titles, 6 Serie A League titles, 1 Asian Club Cup Championship and 1 National Games Championship. In 2020, Liaoning Hongyun, which has a history of 67 years, was disqualified by the Football Association and officially bid farewell to the Chinese professional league.
Dalian Shide originated from the Dalian Football team established in 1983. In 1994, Chinese football was professionalized, Wanda Group became the owner, and the team was reorganized into Dalian Wanda Football Club. In 1999, Wanda Group transferred 30% of the shares of the club to Dalian Shide Group; in 2000, Dalian Shide Group bought all the shares of the club and the club changed its name to Dalian Shide Football Club. In 2013, Dalian Shide gave up the registration of the Chinese Super League in the new season and bid farewell to Chinese football.
Dalian Shide has won 8 Chinese Football Top League titles (7 Class An and 1 Chinese Super League), 2 Chinese Football Association Cups, 3 Chinese Super Cup titles and 1 National Games title. In the Asian field, Shide was the runner-up in the Asian Club Cup and the Asian winners’ Cup, and reached the semi-finals in the restructured AFC Champions League.