Dalot We have many players who can play other positions, which makes us stronger

January 7 In an interview, Manchester United defender Dalot talked about the team’s position competition
, he said it was very important.

Dalot said: "I think it’s very important, it shows that we don’t have 11 players, we have a whole squad, like I said many times, I learned a lot with Wan-Bissaka, I
I’m sure he’s learned a lot with me as well. I think it’s healthy competition, good competition, for all of us."

"I think on this team, we have at least two players at each position, there are a lot of players who can play other positions, so I think that dynamic makes us stronger, makes us better, I think
We’ve given the manager a sweet headache when it comes to squad selection and I think that’s a positive for him."

"When we have the chance to play, all we need is to be at our best and not to take it for granted because I think at this club, the demands are very high and you have a lot of responsibility.
, so you need to be on your toes every game, so I think we’re going in the right direction as a team."

Regarding his teammate Rashford who performed well against Everton, Dalot said: "Personally, I am very happy to see the progress Rashford has made. You can see the way he plays, he is changing."
You have to mature even though he’s young. He’s a fantastic teammate and a great guy, and that helps you become a great player."

"I think collectively, we’re helping him to be more decisive, to be able to do that individually, and I think it’s about the work we’ve done collectively. He’s got that ability to be the best in the world.
One of the players mentality, I think he has this potential, he’s already one of the best players, but I think he can go to another level and as a team we can help him do that."

(Ma Dongyu)