Due to salary restrictions and other reasons, it is very difficult for Pique to come back to play for Andorra FC

January 4, according to the "Daily Sports Daily" report, because of salary restrictions and other reasons, Pique wants to play for Andorra FC.
It is very difficult to come back to play for Andorra FC.

Recently, it was reported that Pique intends to come back to play for his team Andorra FC, which is currently in the second league.
But now due to economic and policy reasons, Pique’s wish is difficult to achieve.

The main reason is the salary restriction policy of La Liga, because Pique’s annual salary in Barcelona this year is 20 million euros. According to the policy requirements, Andorra FC cannot pay Pique an annual salary according to the minimum wage.
The player’s annual salary is reviewed by La Liga, and they will evaluate the reasonable value of the signing based on the player’s ability.

Similar situations have occurred before. Although some players are willing to take a substantial salary cut to join the team, this is not accepted by club sponsors.
In addition, Andorra FC’s salary expenditure reached 6.52 million euros, which is a relatively high level for the secondary league teams, so it is difficult for them to accommodate Pique’s annual salary.
It is understood that there are currently two feasible methods, one is to expand the club’s capital investment, and the other is to find new sponsors.

Pique was sent off for accusing the referee in the final game of his Barcelona career and was suspended for an additional four games.
He is still on Barcelona’s registration list, theoretically he has completed the suspension for the first game.

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