Each body: a number of new rules have been issued in La Liga, which will clearly restrict the abuse of leverage by clubs.

December 28-according to each body, La Liga recently issued a number of new regulations, including clear restrictions on the abuse of “leverage” by Barcelona last season.
Restrict the sale of basic assets: clubs are not allowed to sell one of the basic assets or rights (such as stadiums) needed for the development of their activities in order to raise their wage ceiling.
Reduce leverage: reduce the club’s available assets or rights (for example, audiovisual or merchandise, asset rights already in the club) budget, but as long as their value per season does not exceed 5% of the digital business team. If they exceed this percentage, the extra money they receive will not be suitable for new transfers or for wages.
Unlimited leverage: when a team starts a new business (such as stadium renovation) because it is a new source of income, they can sell it and activate leverage without a 5% limit.
Leveraged buybacks: assets repurchased and sold in order to take advantage of and raise wage ceilings will be punished and will prevent the use of this approach.
Sell players: the club sells the players or terminates the players’ contracts at a price lower than their own price, without affecting their wage cap. The salary of each season will affect each season, and even if the players have been sold, they should not bear the rest of the money immediately. In this way, the financial situation of the club will not prevent them from signing or letting the players they do not count leave.
From 1×4 to 40%: so far, the club has spent only 1 euro for every 4 euros saved (the so-called 1gamer 4 rule, or the chartered player’s 1gam3 rule). From now on, it will be 40%. From the money saved, the club will be able to spend nearly half of it. To do this, they must submit a cash flow plan for the next few years. Depending on the money saved, a player can sign one or more seasons, depending on his salary guarantee for future seasons.
A 25% raise: a maximum of 25% is allowed to be signed only if the account is controlled at the end of a season. This restriction will affect clubs that exceed the limit in Serie A, as well as all teams that play in Serie B to bargain over the wage ceiling.
In September, La Liga president Tabas warned Barcelona president Laporta that the leveraged signing of last summer will not be repeated next season: “the money you spend on players this year cannot be spent on the next person.” In addition, he warned Barcelona that its wage ceiling should be reduced from 656 million euros to 400 million euros.
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