Emery: After the second goal, we knew that the three points belonged to us. Martin and Olsen are both good goalkeepers

January 2 News Villa beat Tottenham 2-0, the team coach Emery
Meri praised the team’s performance after the game, and he also talked about goalkeeper Olsen.
Emery said: "We’re very happy, I think we played well, we struggled in the first half but they didn’t create too many chances. We scored a goal which gave us the confidence to go forward and then played again.
We scored the second goal, which was brilliant because at that moment, we thought the three points belonged to us." "It’s not just mentally prepared, we know we need to defend more away than at home, we have to build a team that can
A team that controls the game. We are strong and united defensively, we can be good and try to win games when we have the opportunity to have the ball, we need to continue to improve at the tactical level and I will work hard for that."
The final third created some chances, but not many, Olsen also had a clean sheet, we not only have Martinez, but also Olsen, they are both good goalkeepers, which can increase the confidence of the team and the players.