ESPN Manchester City regards Bellingham as a key signing target, they need to face the competition of Liverpool and Real Madrid

According to ESPN news on January 6, Bellingham is the key signing target of Manchester City,
And Manchester City also need to prepare to compete with Liverpool and Real Madrid.

Manchester City hope to upgrade the team’s midfield in the summer, but before signing in, they will first consider the situation of Gundogan and Bernardo Silva.
They want to sign Bellingham from Borussia Dortmund, but they also face competition from Liverpool and Real Madrid.
At the same time, the transfer fee is expected to reach 100 million pounds, plus many additional terms.
If both Seat B and Gundogan leave Manchester City, they will introduce multiple midfielders.

Gundogan’s contract will expire this summer, and he is also considering whether to stay at the Etihad Stadium or leave.
After playing for 6 years, seat B has expressed his desire to leave. If he wants to leave, Guardiola will not stop him, and the club also hopes to reap a considerable transfer fee from it.
The contract of the B seat will expire in 2025, and Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain are already paying attention to the midfielder.
Last summer, Manchester City signed midfielder Phillips from Leeds United, the fee may reach 45 million pounds, and he has only played 4 times on behalf of Manchester City this season.

The 19-year-old Bellingham is considered a key target for Manchester City ahead of next season, but considering Bellingham’s star player status at Dortmund, it will not be easy to introduce him.
The source revealed that Manchester City and Dortmund have established a good relationship after completing the transfer of Haaland and Akanji.