Evergrande is most likely to go two ways in the future: reorganize the structure of football schools and clubs, and even withdraw from Chinese football.

The two notices are relatively clear from the point of view of the determination of responsibility. the main implementers are those who have seen the passive defensive losers in the game, that is, Qingyuan team (Evergrande Football School U15 echelon). Among them, the Guangzhou Football Association, the stakeholders of the winner, and the main leaders of Evergrande Football School on behalf of the loser have been severely punished, which is easy to remind people of the close relationship between Guangzhou sports authorities and Evergrande in professional football.
The Guangzhou Football Association has been banned from membership for two years, which means that teams including Guangzhou team and Guangzhou City may need to register with the Guangdong Football Association temporarily. Other semi-professional and amateur teams are more likely to switch to other neighboring associations in order to gain support. For Evergrande Football School, there is likely to be a brain drain under the concerns of the players’ parents.
Evergrande Football School, the only football school that hopes to maintain a stable blood supply in the future, has also suffered a serious blow, adding to the hardship of Evergrande’s football career. There are two most likely ways to develop in the future. one is to reorganize the structure between football schools and clubs and reformulate players’ participation, training models and plans within 2 years (such as directly merging football schools into Guangzhou football clubs, such as seeking cooperation in running schools or studying abroad). Another thing that will make many people very worried is whether the enterprise will think that it is not necessary to continue to support a business that eats me, has no achievement in the short term, and the brand value has been lost, and directly breaks down, dissolves its football business, and withdraws from Chinese football. If it is the latter, it will be another major blow to Chinese football.
This time, no players have been suspended for the time being. these may just be underage players who have been arranged by their superiors and instructed by their coaches to continue their football careers, but they also have to worry more about the future of football. In the current cruel Chinese football environment, I am pessimistic that someone will probably choose to leave their beloved football. Guangdong Football Association, the competent sports department of Guangdong Province and the representative of Guangzhou Football Association, should learn from the bitter experience at this time, sum up the lessons, clean up the mess, and put Guangzhou football youth training back on track. Always remember that people-oriented, football is played by individual players, not enterprises.