Every body Harvey is considering letting Busquets renew his contract for another season, but this will require the latter to cut his salary by more than half

January 6 According to the "Daily Sports" report, Barcelona has already started planning
New sports, Xavi knows that the team’s midfield must change, he knows the financial difficulties the club is going through, so if Busquets adjusts his salary, Xavi will give priority to letting this player renew his contract
a season.

Barcelona don’t have much money to find a replacement for Busquets, and the player’s current position is undisputed.
Xavi’s original idea was to introduce an important player to compete with Busquets. The player he clearly wanted was Zubimendi, but the club was unwilling to pay Zubimendi a release fee of 60 million euros.

Xavi knows that players in that position will not be cheap, so he will bet on De Jong and try to keep Busquets going.
The latter has already received a major offer from MLS, but Harvey has expressed his willingness to let him renew his contract for another season, or at least six months, until January 2024.

Everything is open for now as long as there is an agreement on the financial side, but that would require more than half of Busquets’ current salary, which is difficult but not impossible.
Xavi has already spoken to Busquets, who will make a decision at the end of the season based on the circumstances of the season and the offers he has received.

(Ma Dongyu)