Every referee association should show Laos a red card. It is hard to understand that he is an international referee

January 1 News The 15th round of La Liga on Saturday night staged Catalo
Nya derby.
In this game, the referee Laos became the out-and-out protagonist, and he showed a total of 15 yellows and two reds.
For Laos’ law enforcement performance, "Daily Sports" commented…

The Referee Association should show Laos a red card and punish him for not being able to enforce the law for several games.
Being the worst referee in the World Cup is not enough for Laos, whose performance at Camp Nou yesterday was unbearable.
He was shown 15 yellow cards and two red cards in a non-violent game.

In the last few minutes of the game, Laos’ law enforcement performance did not match his status, which made everyone unhappy.
He has lost his vanity and self-respect, as well as modesty and prudence.
In the derby, he became a sad protagonist. It is difficult to understand that he is an international referee.

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