FA Cup-Tottenham vs. Portsmouth starting Kane, Sun Xingmin starting, Lloris on standby

January 7th, at 20:30 on January 7th, the Football Association
Cup round 3, Tottenham vs Portsmouth.
Both sides announced the starting list before the game.
For Tottenham, Kane and Sun Xingmin started, and Lloris came off the bench.
Before the game, Tottenham officially announced that Bisuma had withdrawn from the roster, Skipp became the starter, and Model entered the bench.

Tottenham starting: 20-Foster, 6-Sanchez, 12-Emerson, 25-Tanganga, 33-Ben Davis, 4-Skip, 19-Sessegnon, 29-M
-Sarr, 7-Sun Xingmin, 10-Kane, 11-Brian Hill

Tottenham substitutes: 1-Lori, 2-Doherty, 17-C-Romero, 24-Spencer, 34-Langley, 5-Hoibel, 42-Harvey White, 45
-Devine, 55-Model

Portsmouth starters: 1-Griffith, 28-M-Morrison, 20-Luggett, 6-Ogilvy, 2-Swanson, 8-Tunickliffe, 16-Morell,
3-Humo, 15-Dale, 9-Bishop, 18-Hackett

Portsmouth substitutes: 21-Oluwayemi, 13-Freeman, 36-Dokrill, 23-Thompson, 35-Pace, 11-Cutis, 24-Gakpos, 27
– Koroma, 10 – Pigott

Tottenham are currently fifth in the Premier League and Portsmouth are 12th in League One.