Famous legend praised Ten Hag for being very satisfied with his attitude towards the cup, and glad to see him working hard to win the trophy

January 10 News Recently, in an official interview with Manchester United, the team star Dennis Owen
Praise to Ten Hag.

Owen said: “I am very satisfied with Ten Hag’s attitude towards the cup. This season Manchester United only have four titles to fight for. It is really too difficult to win the title. The Premier League is very important. I understand that.

“As you can see in the Carabao Cup and Europa League, Ten Hag hasn’t rotated much compared to the Premier League and I’m very happy with that because I think the attitude is important to win titles.

“The first trophy in Ferguson’s era was the FA Cup, the second was the European Cup Winners’ Cup and the third was the Carabao Cup. He had won three cups before committing himself to the Premier League title.

“You get the feeling and the mentality to win in it, so it’s crucial that we play in cup competitions. This year we can see that Ten Hag really wants to win one of those cups.

“When you’re trying to win a cup, there’s less pressure. It also gives the team confidence that they can actually win something.

“We are Manchester United, but we have not been able to win the title for the past few years. We have to fight for this right. This year, we are working hard to win something. If we can win something, it will be for this group.
It will be very important for players, management and coaching staff.

“We’ve got a lot of games to go and it’s fantastic for the fans. I think we’re getting closer and closer to the trophy. I think Ten Hag will definitely be looking at the Premier League too, seeing how many consecutive games we’ve got.

“The upcoming games against Manchester City and Arsenal are big. We’ll be in a good position after those two games too. So you have to take those games seriously, but it’s good to see Ten Hag trying to win trophies,

(Sonny time)