Fans are hotly discussing that Van Dijk was replaced and he has been playing badly. He has a comparison with Maguire

January 3 News Liverpool 1-3 Brentford, fans are on social media
reacted to Van Dijk being substituted by Klopp at half-time.

Fans on social media said the manager was right to send Van Dijk off after he was "terrible" in the first 45 minutes of the game.
However, it has since been confirmed after the game that the 31-year-old was pulled out with a hamstring injury rather than a performance issue.
Klopp said after the game: "Van Dijk has had some treatment for his hamstring problem and the other two substitutes have also recovered from their leg injuries and they have different technical characteristics."

Fans have shared their thoughts on replacing Van Dijk before the Liverpool boss offered any explanation for his hamstring problem.

One fan said: "Van Dijk didn’t play well in the first half, so it’s not surprising that he was substituted."

Another fan said: "Van Dijk got replaced, he deserved it, he’s been playing badly."

Another added: "I have no complaints about what happened to Van Dijk. Zimikas and Elliott are shocking. Honestly, Klopp can replace anyone."

Opponent fans also took to social media to share their thoughts on Klopp’s midfield substitution after seeing Van Dijk replaced.
A Manchester United fan said "Luke Shaw is better than Van Dijk now".
Another rival fan compared Van Dijk’s first-half performance to Maguire.