Filkruger and Ronaldo make the Saudi league more attractive, I will definitely watch his game highlights

January 5 For Werder Bremen striker Philkruger,
2022 is the highlight period of his career. He not only helped Bremen upgrade to the Bundesliga, but also appeared in the World Cup.
In an interview with Sport1, Phil Krueger discusses Germany’s early exit from the World Cup and Ronaldo joining Saudi side Riyadh for victory.

On Germany’s early exit from the World Cup

In conclusion, many things are going against us.
We often played inconsistently, especially against teams that were more attacking or defensive.
We made some mistakes and missed some chances to score goals, which in the end didn’t allow us to go any further.
However, in terms of football itself, we didn’t play that badly.

About whether it will appear in the next national team’s lineup

Let’s wait and see, I hope to appear in the national team’s squad.

On Bayern’s interest in him

It’s all speculation, and since it’s speculation let people guess, I won’t be a part of it.

On whether he wants to play with Müller at the club

I’ve already fought alongside him… (laughs)

About whether there are clubs that are attractive to you

I like the boys at Werder Bremen and I am very happy at this club.
In addition, I still have enough opportunities to continue to improve at Werder Bremen.

About Ronaldo joining Riyadh Victory

Ronaldo is facing some criticism due to an earlier interview in which he said he wanted to find a big club and end his career in a dignified way.
I think he may lack alternatives, if there is another opportunity for him to show his strength again, he may choose this opportunity.

Ronaldo is an ambitious player, he always wants to be successful, to win titles.
However, as far as the timing of the transfer is concerned, he has encountered very great difficulties.
This is the winter transfer window, not every club can sign him.
Of course, his joining will make the Saudi league more attractive, and I will definitely watch his game highlights (laughs).

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