Finally, a dream come true! Messi failed to win the adult national team before the age of 34, and later won the Copa America and the World Cup

December 19-Argentina beat France 7-5 in the World Cup final penalty shootout, winning the coveted World Cup.
Argentina star Lionel Messi finally realized his dream in the World Cup. It is worth mentioning that in his career before the age of 34, he always missed the national team champion and lost four finals.
After he won the Copa America and finally ended the shortage of national team championships, he won the US-Europe Cup and the World Cup, making up for the last deficiency of his legendary career with three major championships.
Lionel Messi’s national team final record:
Before the age of 34
2007 Copa America: Argentina 0-3 Brazil
2014 World Cup: Argentina 0-1 Germany (overtime)
2015 Copa America: Argentina 1-4 Chile (penalty)
2016 Copa America: Argentina 2-4 Chile (penalty)
After age 34:
America’s Cup 2021: Argentina 1-0 Brazil
2022 US-Europe Cup: Argentina 3-0 Italy
2022 World Cup: Argentina 7-5 France (penalty)