Flasic: I will always remember that Brazil was eliminated in the World Cup penalty shootout and won the third place.

December 29-after the 4-1 friendly at Monza in Turin, Turin’s Croatian international Vlasic was interviewed by a Turin TV reporter.
Flasic said: “after the World Cup, I took six days off, but during these six days I continued to train at home without a break.” I’m not tired. I can’t wait to play again. ”
“World Cup? It was an incredible experience. I will always remember that we beat Brazil in a penalty shootout and finished third. Then we went back to Croatia, the fans have been waiting for a long time, a lot of people came to celebrate, the scene was really beautiful. ”
“now the league will continue, we are in good form, there are still seven days to go before the next official game (vs Verona) and we have to do better.”
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